Cheryl Boggs Fuller

Cheryl Boggs Fuller is a resident in the London-Corbin, Kentucky area.  She returned to Southeastern Kentucky in 2009 and is currently nestled in the woods near her family. She is a proud member of the Mountain Heritage Artisan Guild in London and also is a member of the Appalachian Art Guild in Hindman, Kentucky.  Her gourd art has been featured in Modern Mountain Magazine's Spring 2015 issue.  She has been a guest speaker for the Corbin Gardening Society on growing and drying gourds. 

Cheryl has always had a passion for visual arts.  She attributes her evolving talents to her mother.  At an early age, her mother purchased her an easel, pen and inks, charcoals, and oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints.  It wasn't long after, Cheryl's expression on paper expanded to walls and furniture in their home. 

In the late 1990s, Cheryl and her mother attended an arts and craft show, in Taylorsville, Kentucky, featuring gourds.  Her mother encouraged her to buy a raw and uncleansed gourd and told her, "I want you to paint me one with fruit on it."  She did and that was the start of her fascination and admiration of the gourd and its cultural history. That first painted gourd is still displayed at her mother's home. 

There is a deep connection between Cheryl and her gourds. Each  gourd is unique and features it's own natural design that speaks to her. Her art is primarily reflective and inspired by her Native American heritage.  She is a tribal member of the Southeastern Kentucky Shawnee Turtle Clan and desires to express her world through her gourds and with other creative outlets.  Many of her gourds have been created for Pow Wows and festivals to be used in dance, as prayer bowls, and tobacco, sweet grass and sage containers.  Others are emblished with animals or various shapes or symbols and range in sizes from tiny to huge. Many are made to be displayed and a few can even be worn.  Some are created by special orders. 

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Cellphone:  859-619-7192