ā€‹ā€‹Eric Johnson

Hi, my name is Eric Johnson. I live and work in South Eastern Kentucky. My wife, Bonnie works with me.  We are the owners, entrepreneurs and the general labor workforce for Johnson Wood Craft. I tend to specialize in the wood production and Bonnie does some wood, metal and jewelry items. Bonnie does more of the office work than I do. However, we do try to keep it fairly fluid and do whatever needs to be done to get a project or projects accomplished.

I was raised and educated in South Eastern Kentucky. I attended public school through the 7th grade, however from 8th grade through high school my schooling was at a local private church school. In a way it was like going away to college.  We lived and worked at the school during the week and went home on the weekends.  In addition to the regular curriculum, the school had a work program that consisted of a couple of hours work daily. Generally, but not always, the work program was after classes for the day were over. Jobs for me varied greatly, I worked in the dairy farm, firing the boiler (heating system) for the campus, maintenance (yard mowing, etc.) janitorial services and woodworking. I would say in addition, the extra work for the most part was interesting and helped develop me personally.

I started woodworking at the age of 12.  Turning candle sticks, which was the job that I loved the most while at school.  Items we made in the wood shop were candle sticks and bowls, mostly smaller items that had usefulness and purpose. The items were sold but at this point Iā€™m not sure how or where. I would imagine they were sold as revenue producing items for the school.

Upon completion of high school I spent a couple of years in the military. When my enlistment was over I spent a couple of years wandering around. I then entered a local liberal arts college. The college was small, private and had a work program fairly similar to the high school I had attended. I worked in the woodworking section, again doing something I loved, creating useful products from wood.  Bonnie and I met, married and began a new chapter in life. As with all of us life happens. We graduated college, got jobs, had kids, and after retiring as a teacher of 30 years, I began to work with wood again.

The woods we generally use are local hardwoods such as cherry, walnut and maple. We also recycle from materials that have been previously purposed. We use other woods and materials, however we try to stick to local, sustainable materials.

Our personal philosophy is to try and produce a product that is both beautiful and functional. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy producing something you will love and cherish as well.   Thanks, Eric

Email:  ejohnson1000@live.com

Phone:  606-878-2114