Jill Yvonne Elza

I come from a long line of soap makers. My great grandmother Lela, taught my granny, Elsie, who taught my mom to make soap. Mom was taught using only 3 things, wood ash, water & lard. As a young child growing up in Knox County, Ky., she washed their clothes on a washboard using her soap. I guess you could say making soap is in my blood. Combine all those skin loving oils and butters with goat’s milk, you have a product that you’re skin will soak up and love. I also infuse herbs into Olive Oil to give it added benefits of the plants and flowers. Different herbs, flowers & plants carry different benefits.

I wasn't raised on a farm, nope, right in the middle of Corbin, Ky. I always want to live on a farm and my dream came true in 2007. On November 1, 2012 I was blessed with Josiah. He was 3yr's old and needed a mommy as much as I wanted a little boy. So, he and I became a family. He is the light of my live and the love in my heart.

My dad, Ray Smith, served in the US Navy from 1968-1970 and was in the reserves for 6yrs, 1970-1976. He was in the Seabees, which is the construction battalion. These guys go in with the Marines and build the military bases before anyone else. Dad volunteered for Vietnam, he said he felt it was his duty to do his part during the Vietnam War. During his active military years he was stationed in Gulfport Mississippi. The week before he was to be shipped out to Vietnam, hurricane Camille hit the gulf. This was a huge category 5 hurricane which devastated the base. Dad's battalion was chosen to stay and work on the base. He is now 100% permanently disabled service connected due to Agent Orange exposure. He has told me stories of this night, how they were put in a hanger, but when the storm came through he was almost killed when the building collapsed around them. Camille killed 259 people on Aug. 14, 1969. The education he received while in the Seabees he carried through his life. He owned a construction business in Corbin, Ky while I was a teenager. When I was a small child dad worked in the coal mines of Kentucky. His first job was shoveling coal dust from under the drill. Dad being the hard worker he is, he studied hard and got his blasting license. Then worked himself up to foremen. On Sept. 14, 1993 he was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's lymphoma. He underwent chemotherapy for 6 months.

My mom, Joann Smith, was a stay at home mom to her and dads three children, until dad was diagnosed with cancer. After he was done with his chemotherapy, there were a lot of side effects. So, mom went back to school. She got a degree in Psychology from Union College in Barbourville, Ky and studied hard to obtain her CADC license. She worked as a substance abuse counselor in Corbin, Ky until she retired in 2013.

As you can see I was brought up to work hard, be a honest person, help others whenever you can. If you're ever down this way stop by I'll introduce you to the girls and boy, our goats that is. Big baby's would be a better way of saying it. I'd love for you to come out and sit a spell. Thank you for visiting my online boutique, take your time, there’s something for everyone.

Email:  creationsbyjillyvonne@gmail.com