Judy Harrison

Having been attracted to the Arts for as long as I can remember, I began being particularly drawn to painting while my husband and I lived in Tallahassee, Florida. I had tried a few oil paintings on my own and fell in love with the medium. Didn’t know a thing about it but you must start somewhere.

After moving to Pensacola which seemed like an artist’s colony with beautiful beaches, to a girl from rural Iowa, I set about finding an oil painting instructor/class. My teacher was an older lady and as some artists are, was just a little “off plum” making the class even more fun. I also joined the Art Study Club and enjoyed meeting others who loved to paint. We had members and guest artists who lectured and demonstrated while they talked. I soaked the information up like a sponge. I’d listen and go home and try. I soon found the local art gallery, “Quayside Gallery” which was a co-op gallery owned and operated by Pensacola Artists Incorporated, the juried artists themselves. I was fascinated by the art and classes. Before long, I submitted paintings to be juried for membership into the gallery and PAI. I was accepted in 1979; yes, I am that old and after taking nearly 30 years off to rear children, am back painting. I also enjoy working with acrylics, watercolors and pencil. I had forgotten how happy it makes me to be lost in thought with a brush in my hand and an evolving painting on my easel.

Judy lives in Laurel County with her husband Jim who after having retired is a Wood Turner. They are both juried members of the Mountain Heritage Artisans Guild, your hometown and surrounding area Artisans Guild. They have two grown sons and a cat.

Judy participates in Mountain Heritage Artisans Guild venues. 

Phone:  (606) 309-1876