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Mountain Heritage Artisans Guild


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Standards Jury Session Application

The prospective MHAG member will provide examples of their work to be viewed and judged during a regular MHAG meeting.  MHAG will make best effort to provide at least two MHAG juried members experienced in the category being judged, as well as other members of the Guild, to assist with the jurying of work examples. There will be a one-time $25.00 non-refundable fee for prospective members for the jury application.  If the prospective MHAG member has already successfully completed the jury process for another Kentucky artisan’s guild and has been accepted as a member of that guild then there is no need for them to jury for MHAG.  The applicant simply needs to fill out this form and submit it with their $25.00 yearly membership fee.

Complete this application and mail with your check of $25.00 to: 

Mountain Heritage Artisans Guild
P.O. Box 3319
London, KY 40743
All entries must be hand delivered and picked up at the designated date and time.

I understand the $25.00 entry fee is non-refundable. It does not include Guild membership. The Guild

is not responsible for any loss or damage while work is in it’s care. All insurance coverage is the responsibility of the artisan. I certify that the entry(s) I will present complies with all Guild policies.

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Please list each category and medium or division in which you will be submitting entries.

Category Medium or Division

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