Linda Stahl

Linda Stahl grew up in the Appalachians of western Pennsylvania, but a career in writing brought her to Kentucky in 1969 to work for The Courier-Journal. After retiring from the newspaper, Linda moved from Louisville to Laurel County where she rediscovered mountain beauty reminiscent of her childhood. Now it feeds her imagination as a potter.

Linda and her husband, John Finley, live surrounded by oaks, pines, hemlocks, magnolias, sassafras, sourwood and other trees that make up the incredibly diverse forests of Eastern Kentucky. Most of Linda’s handbuilt pottery takes inspiration from the local forest.

Linda creates her pieces using coiling, slabbing, pinching and sculpting. A life-long birder, she makes bas relief plates featuring woodland birds. She also sculpts forest spirit masks and tells stories by creating foxes and jays. While oak trees produce acorns, Linda makes “claycorns.” She also builds platters inspired by the big leaf magnolia.

Linda studies at Kentucky Mudworks, Lexington, KY, and The Artery Studio, Port St. Joe, FL. She also has taken classes at John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC; the studio of Lisa Naples, Doylestown, PA., and Payne Street Pottery, Louisville, KY.


Linda Stahl
548 Lake Road
E. Bernstadt, KY 40729

Phone:  (502) 314-8352