Mary Beth Jewell

Hell Cat Farm, LLC

Mary Beth is the resident critter tender and fiber artist at Hell Cat Farm where she hand spins, weaves and crochets one-of-a-kind fiber art using contemporary techniques applied to a heritage craft. The farm is home to a small herd of registered, color angora goats which are sheared twice a year to harvest their beautiful mohair fleece. Mary Beth is a juried member of the KY Guild of Artists and Craftsmen, The Appalachian Artisan Center and the Mountain Heritage Artists Guild. Hell Cat Farm, LLC is a certified Kentucky Proud farm.

Hell Cat Farm sells mohair fleece as well as luxury blended rovings and batts, hand spun yarns, hand woven shawls and other fiber art creations. Mary Beth combines mohair from her angora goats with other natural fibers produced by friends who raise alpaca, the finest sheep wool and other beautiful, quality fibers produced here in KY as well as silk and other luxury fibers from around the world.

The farm is named in honor of Smokey, a particularly feisty cat, who oversees the farm with such enthusiasm that it earned him the nick name, Hell Cat, and who embodies the spirit of life lived with joy and on one’s own terms.

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