Meagan Wyatt

Meagan Wyatt grew up outside the city of Corbin, Kentucky and still calls home today. She
attended Eastern Kentucky University to pursue my passion for art. After attending her first
ceramics class, her professor Joe Molinaro, encouraged her to apply for Bachelors of Fine Arts
program which she did. From 2012-2014 she studied ceramics; along with photography,
printmaking, jewelry and metal smithing, painting, and sculpture. After graduating in December
2014, she continued to learn and study under Joe until his retirement in summer of 2016. She
still considers herself a beginner in the ceramic world. After college, trying to find a job, and
build a studio at home, she still practices making wheel thrown functional pieces on her wheel
when she can. Her work is mostly functional: mugs, bowls, pencil holders, etc; but some of her
work is more for decoration, like her wall platters. She really enjoys carving and slip trailing to
add decoration to her work. Most glazes work really well with showing off these designs. Some
glazes, like celadon glazes, that break nicely on carved surfaces or show off the porcelain slip are
not recommended for food. She started a job as a substitute teacher in 2016 and worked
weekends part-time. Days she did not get called in are spent in her small building she is using
for a studio. Her hope for the future is to get on full time with the school and have weekends and
summer to focus on her pottery and have a bigger space to have a functioning studio and able to
produce more work and a place to sell it. So far she has sold at the Whitley Co. Farmers Market
and a few local craft shows.

Meagan' contact information:

Phone number: 606-280-2631
Email: meaganwyatt@gmail.comMeagan Wyatt