Patti Colyer

I grew up in the artistic town of Berea, Ky with an appreciation for all things vintage. My mother and grandmother were both crafty and instilled in me the pride that comes with making things. I live in a remodeled farm house that was my father’s home when he was a little boy. When we first moved in, I began to dig flower beds and gardens and found a mass array of broken china from my grandmother’s plates and marbles that belonged to my dad. Because they belonged to my family, I began to collect these found objects. I knew one day that I would make something creative with them. I made mosaic flower pots and signs to save this part of my family’s past. The first time I seen broken china jewelry I was overjoyed. I knew this would be my passion.

I’ve been selling my broken china jewelry at craft fairs and festivals all over the state. Each piece is hand crafted with love at a high quality. Because it is hand crafted, each piece is a one of a kind piece of art that will last for years.

Phone:  859-353-2792