Richard Adams

Richard Adams was born in Leslie County, in the mountains of southeastern Kentucky.  Richard has always been fascinated by wood, whether it was climbing trees, gathering firewood, or working alongside his dad in the woodshop.  One day his dad asked if he had any wooden tricks made.  He later named his business Wooden Tricks, because "trick" is also defined as an artful way of getting a result.  At one point he began to work on a wood lathe.  (A wood lathe is a mechanical instrument that holds and rotates wood, while various tools are presented to carve the spinning wood.)  Richard, was amazed by the variety of shapes and curves that quickly emerged.  He has never stopped finding the treasure that is sometimes hidden in a log.

Artistic and utilitarian bowls are his primary work, but he also enjoys turning, lidded boxes, pepper and salt mills, trivets, pens, needle cases, hollow forms, etc.  Richard currently works out of his woodshop in London, Kentucky, turning out wooden tricks.