Tom Nichols

Tom Nichols of Somerset is the son and grandson of men who worked in the lumber business in Pulaski County.  It is then no wonder that he is a woodcrafter today.  As a craftsman he has distinguished himself in several ways.

 He deals in religious subjects but also has a heart for whimsy.  For instance, he makes a wooden necktie that can be worn and hung in a frame as art when not in use.

He is known for using a method of composing a picture from various pieces of wood. The method is called intarsia.  His most famous piece was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, “The Last Supper.” This intarsia composition includes 350 pieces and uses 22 species of wood from around the world.

Nichols also developed an interest in using wood from the extinct American chestnut tree, which was wiped out by a blight in the 1940s. He has reclaimed chestnut wood from old structures. Nichols has a close association with the American Chestnut Foundation and even sent one of his wooden neckties make of chestnut to former President George W. Bush.

Though Nichols practically grew up in a lumber yard, he started his adult life as a teacher. He attended Eastern Kentucky University where he majored in industrial arts and earned a B.S. and M.A. in education.

After several years of teaching, Nichols managed rental property, built cabinets and served as the first executive director of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Pulaski.

In 2002 when he officially retired, he focused more and more on his home woodworking shop.

Contact information:

Phone: 606 678-4878